Do replacement theology advocates hate Jews?

By admin On July 22nd, 2019
  1. It is one of the great purposes of the God of this world, the devil 2 keep churchgoers from understanding the spiritual nature of the Bible. But the fact is, the Bible is a spiritual book. But the natural man does not receive the spiritual instruction because he scorns the spiritual nature of the Bible to a great extent. In other words, the churchgoing world t does not seem to understand nor do they care but the Bible is largely a book of types and symbols and proverbs and allegories.

One great area of the Bible that Satan has worked overtime to annul, is concerning the Jews and how the Bible New testament relates to the nation of Israel. As a matter of fact, there is a false doctrine which Satan has whispered in the ears of theologians that those who believe that the true Israel is a spiritual Israel made up of both Jews and gentiles, and has even given them a derogatory tag known as replacement theology. And part of that new name and doctrine says that all those who believed that the church made up of both Jews and gentiles actually hate the nation of Israel. No this website has given mini biblical proofs that all those who love Jesus are the true Israel of God and the reader is invited to explore those articles. But this devotional is dedicated to refuting that idea. Nothing could be further from the truth as a matter of fact every true believer should have a great love or the Jewish race. And let’s face it, perhaps as much as 50% of the world oh or more could have some Jewish blood in their physical makeup. But just because a Christian does not believe the Bible ever condones the idea of God beginning to work with the nation of Israel does not mean spat that particular Christian does not love the Jewish people. Paul wished that he himself would be condemned if he could save his brethren Jews after the flesh. And this should be the same stance that any Christian should also maintain. Jesus said destroy this Temple and I will raise it up again. Jesus was not talking about a physical Temple, but he was speaking of the temple of his body. And while today’s Bible teachers are mostly directing their sheep to the idea metaphysical Temple will be rebuilt and sacrifices of animals will be resumed, the fact is  this will never happen

But rather the Bible reveals but the body of Christ the church along with the godhead will be the true Temple which will go on forever. But if Satan can convince God’s people that the book of Revelation concerns only literal Jews, then he has successfully cut off the true understanding of the book of Revelation.

And so, in order to further demonize the believers who see the church as spiritual Israel, made up of both Jews and gentiles, the God of this world causes the church world 2 point the accusing finger at us, saying that we hate the jews. But God is the searcher of hearts and he knows who it is who loves him and who it is who desires truly desires the salvation of every Jew after the flesh.

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