the wickedness of the 6th head in politics

By admin On September 7th, 2020



politics in 2020 has exposed the 6th head like never before.

a kingdom divided has exposed this corrupt kingdom of Satan like never before.

this corrupt election has exposed the 6th head like never before.

When you get someone angry enough, they reveal their hidden hate. Jesus knew that and began to anger the Jews until they put Him on the Cross. Job is a good case study of how angry and accusing adversaries stirred up the inward rebellion within Job’s heart.

The 6th head represents “man”, and so it explains why the 6th head has so many failings. It explains why the 6th head is so willing to destroy the world to regain power. They were willing to destroy Bush’s Iraq war to unseat him from presidency. So willing to destroy America, because they only care about their own power.

The 7th head is a different type of wickedness, which has a form of godliness, but is just as wicked as the 6th head, maybe even more so, since its wickedness is greatly covert as opposed to the recently exposed wickedness of the 6th head. But the day may soon come when both the 6th and 7th heads will work in concert to destroy God’s faithful remnant.


1. lying about voting by mail

2. mob violence

3. murder

4. cheating

5. dishonesty of the media

6. dishonesty of politicians


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