Street preachers

By admin On July 22nd, 2019

Now in this current ERA of the internet and with websites such as YouTube, there has arisen a phenomenon in which Street preachers can film themselves and gain a much greater and gain a much greater audience.

One problem with this is that in order to gain a big following on YouTube, just about requires the Street preacher to be rather provocative in his speech.

Of course, the Bible also had provocative speakers, such as John the Baptist, Paul the apostle, and even Jesus Christ himself.

And so being provocative is not necessarily a bad thing if it is done in love and patience. However the apostle, Paul, revealed that God is happy with a gospel being preached w even from wrong motels motives. And critics of these Street preachers will often point out some erroneous doctrines put forth by the Street preachersin order to condemn what they are doing.

But the fact is, b Street preachers are getting about the same reaction that the New testament preachers got in the early church. Satan doesn’t won the gospel preached!

But the really sad thing is, where are all the other Christians out there who do not get out and preach the gospel?

Even this website has criticized those who stand in front of abortion clinics saying that they are trying to correct people’s behavior instead of preaching the gospel of salvation. But when one watches on YouTube it is evident that these protesters are indeed preaching the gospel of salvation. And so it’s easy to criticize them, but at least they’re out there doing what they feel the Lord wants him to do!

It would seem better to go out and preach the gospel even with some errors,  than to merely sit at home doing nothing. Oh yes we can wrestle with God in prayer that he will bless those Street preachers and that would be a good thing to do and maybe many Christians are doing just that.

For a long time now it seems as if Satan has pretty much kept the Christian community from persecution by the public. The reason for this is probably because he has Christians locked up by ou our worldly lusts. And we are too busy to be doing the work that God has commissioned us to do.

And maybe if we are too shy to get out with a bullhorn and shout the gospel to the world passing by, we could get a nice Bible tract and handed out or leave it in strategic places. We certainly cannot depend on the internet in the future, since Satan is determined to silence the true gospel on that medium.

Well, the good news is that it is still the day of salvation, and every true believer should pray for strength and Grace to get the true gospel out by any means possible!


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